CFDs on Oil

The oil market makes up a potentially ripe selection. It is active 24/7 and functions under rapid market conditions. This is why it is ideal for traders who like fast movements. LVMexchange offers you run time execution on oil trading with no dealing desk execution and tight spreads to guarantee there is no conflict of interest.

Actually, the size of the lot for every index is one contract (i.e., 1 UK 100, 1 US 30, etc.). After all, in order to efficiently reflect the movement and loss/profit implications of the underpinned futures, LVMexchange has developed an incremental/minimum trade size specified in the table above.

Please take into account that LVMexchange aims to offer traders competitive and tight spreads. At the same time there are examples when market conditions may cause spreads other than the ones shown here. Besides, spreads may not be applied to Japanese-yen-denominated accounts or customer accounts of business introducers. Some currency pairs may be unavailable for all types of account.

Please don’t forget that during periods of low liquidity and subjective market conditions, as well as around economic data releases, spreads may momentarily increase, especially on affected currency pairs. Subjective market conditions can lead to a price gap that in turn may stop the execution of such orders (stop loss, sell stop, buy stop,) at the requested stop price. We aim to execute all stop orders at the requested price, market conditions allowing.


Oil expires on a monthly basis. That’s why the customers who hold open positions of either UK-OIL or US-OIL on 'HML Expiration' are closed at 21:15 (GMT time) at our bid/offer rates on the expiry date as provided in the table below.