CFDs Professional

Because of its adoptability and wide scope, CFD trading is a perfect choice for traders who work professionally. LVMexchange is an entirely adjustable MT4 platform. It provides professional traders with complete access to run time trading. We offer 100% automated work, full market data and deep analysis of the current market position, and an entirely adjusted screen to show the current data you need.

CFD Futures Expiry

The trading platform displays expiry dates of CFDs on futures in the pop-up message of the contract. In addition, our website displays the CFD expiration calendar. CFDs usually expire one day prior to the Exchange listed dates.Before the scheduled expiry LVMexchange always emails its clients the information about the contracts that are to expire, and specifies the date and time of their expiry.

When the contract is about to expire, it is important to monitor and thus be set to the ‘View only’ mode. LVMexchange closes all open positions for the contracts that expired at the last market prices of the relevant trading session (ask price for short positions and bid price for long positions). All pending orders will be ceased. However, if you want to recreate them, you will need to reopen them on the next available month.

If you want to remain in a position post expiry, you can get a recommendation to close the position of the month that expires and open a new position in the next month, as well as to adjust any stop and take any relevant profit orders.

At the day of expiry, the volatility may be higher than usual while the liquidity may be lower. This increases the price gap probability. Consider open positions with contracts more attentively, and carefully calculate the potential risk on possible transactions.

Our website displays all expiry dates and times of our futures CFDs. If the information on our website differs from other resources, keep in mind that the information on our website always has the correct and current data. Please regularly consult our website to have exact information about expiry dates.